Sunday, March 18, 2012

As I read a blog of a friends this evening I was inspired to update mine. It has been way too long. I joined facebook and that was the end of blogging. The problem is that FB has many problems that I am getting tired of and one being that people air their garbage for all to see and then the fights begin. Ugh. . . drama - I usually avoid it.

I had a pretty great Sunday today, aside from not having my husband home (he is working because the weather is bad). I want to share a few thought before I finally retire for the night.

First, I have a very fabulously spiritual daughter that is a wonderful example to me. I love her!

Second, I am saddened by the disintegration of the family. It has become personal and I am not dealing with it well. To see so many people throwing their marriages & families away for naught, has broken my heart. It just testifies to me of the reality of Christ, of Prophets & of modern revelation. The Proclamation of the Family means everything to me! I am grateful for the knowledge & testimony I have of these things.

Third, 2 yr olds require a lot of patience (I should have gotten this one yrs ago). Kaleb is so much fun and loving. But he absolutely drains me at times. The problem is he thinks he is older than he really is and I am getting old. :(

Forth, my husband takes good care of us. He sacrifices so much for us to have what we have. I need to show my gratitude more by being wise and frugal with the money we have and remember his sacrifce always. We are not a perfect couple but we are working on it and I love him very much. This yr will be our 20th Aniversary, wowza!

Finally, I wonder and worry about the final days before Christ comes again. But I love that the Prophet says to be prepared and we shall not fear. Perhaps that is some of my worry, I need to work on myself. I have been trying to get a good routine of Scripture Study down and struggle some but I know that is how I will overcome. I absolutly have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. It testifys of Christ!

My family is good, crazy most of the time but good. We love our new house, neighbors, ward, and space to breath oh ya and our beautiful sunset. We miss our old neighbors who will always be family to us we love you all, I love you all. Goodnight.

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Joan said...

Thanks for posting. It is fun to read about your family and see the pics. I am so thankful for our family!